There are over 140 different sizes and shapes to suit your needs





Hollow silicon and four locking system allows maximum Lockage

Liquid tight
Air Tight

Lock&Lock is structurally designed to stack different-sized containers on top of another allowing 40% more space in the kitchen and refrigerator.

Organize your pantry with Lock &Lock and save time
Stop using wraps and foils Use Lock & Lock and save food and space
Stop odors and maximize storage space
Get organized and tidy with Lock & Lock!

Freshness test : Stored at room temperature for 5 days 

Generic container
Strawberries are terribly spoiled

Lock & Lock

Lock & Lock hinges are tested for durability by KEMTI

This test designed by KEMTI is to show the durability of the hinge section of the lid. The lid and the "winged hinge section" are secured in a specially designed testing machine. The hinge is then flexed 3,000,000 times through an arc of 80 degrees. This would equate to the hinge being bent, or flexed, 10 times a day continuously for a period of 21 years.


During delivery damage may be caused to the hinge area due to impact. In such cases the items so affected should be considered.

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