Products Details
Product Code : LLG 612 White
Properties :    
Color - Natural
Size - 136 X 95 X 255mm
Material - Borosilicate Glass
Volume - 1.1L
INR 465.00/-
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Features :
Borosilicate Glass (Heat-resistant glass) water bottle.

1. Difference in raw material - Unlike other glasses, heat-resistant glass uses material that contains strong heat resistant properties which could withstand sudden change in temperature.
2. Easy to see with clear glass body - The transparency of glass allows the inner content to be seen.
3. Easy to wash with wide opening - The wide opening of the water bottle makes washing and cleansing easier.
4. Fitting in the door pocket - The water bottle fits the door pockets of most refrigerators.
5. Sophisticated design - The sophisticated design will add aesthetic values to your kitchen.

Use & Care
* Do not use the water bottle with direct heat or in ovens or microwave ovens.
* Do not keep the water bottle in the freezer.
* Wash with a soft sponge to prevent scratches.
* Keep the water bottle with its lid side up.
* Do not place the water bottle under direct light or nearby inflammable materials.
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