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Product Code : HFL 8210 S
Properties :    
Color - Natural
Size - 130 X 100 X 233mm
Material - Polypropylene
Volume - 600ml X 3P
INR 475.00/-
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Features :
Space saving 200%

Maximize the freezer space with Freezer Lock. Various kind of containers for meat, fish, door-pocket, multi-purpose. Easy on/off stacking layers between the same purpose of containers.

1. Non-stick
Designed to be wave shaped for non-stick bottom.

2. Space Saving
Designed to stack togeter efficiently between bodies.

3. Durability
Added materials that make containers able to withstand low temperatures.

4. Tight Closing
Easy & tight closing with a snap.

5. Convenience
Handy tab for easy opening.

6. Transparency
Crystal clear base for excellent transparency.

Tips on freezer storage for better freshness.
1. FREEZER LOCK, Door Pocket.
Place them in door pocket of the freezer since foods such as corn, nuts, etc. are not greatly effected by temperature.

Place them in top racks of the freezer to avoid food odors (fish, seafood, etc.) from spreading to other foods.

Place them in middle racks of the freezer for convenience.

4. FREEZER LOCK, Multi-purpose.
Place them in bottom racks of the freezer.

Use & Care
* This product is not airtight and is only intended for freezer use.
* For freezer purposes, not for air tightness.
* Strong impact or shock may cause damage after sudden freezing.
* Please wash before use.
* Do not use in the oven, under browing elements or stovetop.
* Do not use abrasive cleaners and scrubbers.
* Avoid sudden shocks.
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