Products Details
Product Code : LCP 2203
Properties :    
Color - Silver
Size - 200 X 110mm
Material - Stainless Steel & Aluminum
Volume - 3.1L
INR 4979.00/-
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Features :
COOKPLUS is available for semi-permanent use with its hygiene, durability, corrosion-resistance and constant brilliance. High quality stainless steel & 7 mm thick 3 layer bottom. Moreover, 7 mm 3 layer bottom structure enables quick & even heat distribution minimizing hotspots which prevents food from sticking or burning.

Practical and Hygienic Handles
The interior is a clear finish with no joint marks/welds, which makes washing easy and clean. The handles are also shaped for convenience.

Pouring Rim for Smart Serving
Another special feature of COOKPLUS is the special design of the rim on the edge of body for clean & neat pouring of cooked food for serving.

Thick Lid for Low Moisture Cooking
Due to high density of stainless steel, it raises inner pressure, and heat efficiency suitable for low moisture cooking. Low moisture cooking is practiced to cook well-being foods, hence preserving the original taste and nutrition of ingredients.

Mix & Match Design with Glossy and Satin Surface
COOKPLUS adds elegance to your kitchen. Sophisticated design is highlighted with mirror coatings on the lid and side of handles, and satin coatings on the exteriors fashionably combined.

Available for Using at Electric Inductions & Conventional Ovens
COOKPLUS can be used not only on the gas stoves but also at conventional ovens or electric inductions, thus possible for multi cooking. Moreover, it is available to use in dishwasher.

Use & Care
* COOKPLUS has excellent thermal efficient. Please keep medium heat when cooking. Applying high heat may cause discoloration.
* Use mittens when carrying the pot after cooking.
* Use low heat when applying low moisture cooking.
* In order to keep glossy for a long time, put water with some vinegar into the pot and boil. And then, wash detergent and use soda or stainless steel cleaner.
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