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Product Code : LLG552
Properties :    
Color - Natural
Size - 105 X 105 X 185mm
Material - Borosilicate Glass
Volume - 1.5L
INR 685.00/-
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Features :

1. Breathing Valve
Automatically exhumes gas that builds up inside the canister when it stores fermented food.

2. Screw Type Airtight Lid
The silicone inside the lid prevents external air from reaching within, ensuring the freshness of the content.

3. Easy to See with Clear Glass Body
The transparency of glass allows the inner content to be seen.

4. Easy to Wash with Wide Opening
The wide opening of the canister makes washing and cleansing easier.

5. Fitting in the Door Pocket (Square)
The canister fits the door pockets of most refrigerators.

6. Sophisticated Design (Dodecagon)
The sophisticated design will add aesthetic values to your kitchen.

Use & Care
* Do not use the canister with direct heat or in ovens or microwave ovens, nor disinfect it with hot, boiling water.
* Do not keep the canister in the freezer.
* Wash with a soft sponge to prevent scratches.
* Do not forcefully open or change the breathing valve, as strong or sudden impact can damage canister.
* Keep the canister with its lid-side up. (The food content inside the canister may spill out or leak through the breathing valve if you slant the canister or place it upside down)
* Fill the canister up to only 70~80% when storing fermented food. (Such foods may be expanded during fermentation process, thereby closing the breathing valve and breaking the canister)
* Do not place the canister under direct light or nearby inflammable materials.
* Food residues around the breathing valve or on the lid may congeal. Wash the residues away as soon as possible.
* After washing, make sure the lid is completely dry before using again. (Shake the lid to get rid of the excess water in the valve. Allow the lid to dry up naturally)
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